Fuji Electric PHU Paperless Recorder

Fuji Electric

Key Features:

  • Long-term data storage via user supplied Compact Flash memory card (2 GB Max)
  • Saved-trend data playback on display
  • Math and totalization
  • Ethernet option
  • Screen saver
  • Data viewer & parameter loader PC software
  • 300 (W) × 300 (H) × 220.5 (D) mm
  • 9-point to 36-point recording: 12 types of TCs, 5 types of RTDs and voltage/current input are available
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The Fuji Electric PHU is a paperless recorder that features from 9- to 36-channels displayed on a brilliant 12" TFT color LCD, a wide variety of display modes to allow users to view data as trends (horizontally or vertically), bar graphs, analog meters, digital/numeric output, totalized output, event summaries, and more. The PHU allows users to record up to 12 types of thermocouples, 5 types of RTDs, and DC voltage/current input on one unit.
General specifications
Mounting method Panel flush mounted
Material steel sheet for case, PC-ABS for bezel
External dimensions
and mass
<Panel mount>
300 x 300 x 220.5 mm, about 4.7 kg (9-point input)
Power supply voltage 100V to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption About 80VA (at 240VAC)
External terminals Screw terminals (M3 thread)
Operate temperature 0 to 50˚C (in case the 12th digits of code symbols is “Y”.)
0 to 40˚C (in case the 12th digits of code symbol is “E” .)
Input unit
No. of inputs 9 or 18 or 27 or 36 points
Measuring cycles 100ms/9, 18 points 200ms/27, 36 points
Recording cycle 1sec to 12hours
Input signal Thermocouple: 12 types
(B, R, S, K, E, J, T, N, W, L, U, PN)
Resistance bulb: 5 types
(Pt100, JPt100, Ni100, Pt50, Cu50)
DC voltage:
(0 to 50mV, 0 to 500mV, 0 to 5V or 1 to 5V)
DC current:
(connecting optional shunt resistor to input terminal)
Input types Selected from the key panel
(the same type should be set for every 2 channels)
Burn-out function Equipped with thermocouple and resistance bulb inputs as standard.
Calculation function Primary delay filter, scaling, calculation of
difference between channels, F value calculation,
totalization, and square root extraction
Mathematics function
Formula It can be set 1 main formula and 3 temporary one.
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
Absolute value, X to the power of Y, Logarithm,
Natural logarithm, Exponential function,
Humidity, Average value, Maximum value,
Minimum value.
Input signal DI (DI1 to DI16), Totalize (ch1 to ch72), Analog
input (ch1 to ch72), Constant (No.1 to No.60),
Communication input (No.1 to No.36)
Display unit
Display 12" TFT color LCD (800 X 600 dots) (The LCD
may have some pixels that do not stay on or off.
Due to the characteristics of liquid crystal, the
brightness may not be uniform, which is not a
Life of backlight 50,000 hours
Display contents •Trend display
(in vertical and horizontal direction) selected in
the refreshment cycles of 1 sec to 12 hours.
Scale display/non-display selectable
•Bar graph or analog meter display (refresh cycle: 1 second)
•Digital display (in refreshment cycle of 1 sec)
•Event summary display (alarm and message summary)
•Historical trend display (Compact Flash memory data.)
•Totalized data display
•Group setting (8 groups at the maximum)
Recording function
Recording medium Compact Flash card (Format as FAT16 or FAT, or recorder can’t read and write.)
Memory capacity 512MB, max.
Recording method Writing starts in fixed cycles by turning ON the
REC key on the front panel.
Data is recorded in a new file every time the
recording starts.
Data save cycles Links to refreshment cycle of the trend display
Data format •ASCII About 166 bytes per sampling
(at 9 channel inputs)
•Binary (Data cannot be read directly into Excel, etc.)
About 40 bytes per 1 sampling (9-channel input)
Trend data Maximum value and minimum value are saved
from the data that are sampled in measuring
Event data Alarm data and message data are saved.
Totalized data Stores data totalized during specified period of time.
Storage capacity •About 1.5 years at display refresh cycle of 30 seconds (ASCII)
•About 6 years (Binary)
(9-channel recording, 256MB compact flash used)
Amount of memory
The display unit displays how much the memory
card has been used via bar graphs. The
recording will stop if the amount of recorded data
exceeds the capacity.
Alarm function
No. of settings Up to 4 alarms are settable for each channel.
Type of alarm High/Low limits
Indication Alarm status is displayed on digital display unit
when an alarm occurs. Histories are displayed in
the alarm summary.
Output 20 points as relay output (option)
16 points as open-collector transister output (option)
Reference performance
Indication accuracy ±(0.15%+1 digit) of input range
Accuracy of the next range is ±(0.3%+1 digit).
Thermocouple B: 400˚C to 600C, thermocouples
R and S: 0˚C to 300˚C, thermocouples K, E, J, T,
L, and U: -200˚C to -100˚C
Indication resolution 0.1˚C
Reference junction
Compensation accuracy
(Thermocouples R, S, B and W: ±1.0˚C)
Input resistance About 1MΩ
Clock With calendar function
Memory backup Parameter settings are saved to the internal nonvolatile
memory. The clock is backed up by a
built-in lithium battery. Trend data is back up 5 Mbyte.
Memory full alarm When the amount of recorded data exceeds the
capacity of memory card, recorder can energize
the alarm output.
Low battery alarm When the battery for backup of clock and SRAM
becomes low, recorder can energize the alarm output.
Optional specifications
Alarm relay output Up to 2 pieces of card, having 10-point relay
output, can be mounted( max.20points).
Alarm output: 1 a contact
Alarm setting: individual channel or common
output is available.
Alarm open-collector output A card, having 16-point open collector output, can be mounted.
Alarm output: open collector output
DI input A card, having 16-point DI input, can be mounted.
DI input: no-voltage contact input
Contents of control: Recording start/stop,
Message setting, F value caliculation resetting,
Totalizing start/ stop, Totalizing reset, LCD turning.
FTP server * (Internet Explorer 6. FFFTP or
Comand Prompt are available)
HTTP server * (Web server. Internet Explorer 6 is available)
SMTP (e-mail client)
* Netscape and Mozilla Firefox are not available
PC support software (standard-supplied CD-ROM)
Windows XP/2000
Operation on PC98-series machines by NEC is not guaranteed.
Operation on self-made or shop-brand PCs is not guaranteed.
Required memory capacity 64 MB or more
Contents The following types are included as standard.
1) Data viewer software
It allows you to view the past trend recorded
data from the data saved to the Compact
Flash on PC.
Historical trend and event display functions
are provided.
2) Parameter loader software
It allows you to perform setting/change of
various parameters on PC.
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