Calibration Capabilites - ISO 17025 Accredited Services

Calibration of test and measurement equipment is another one of the many services provided by Our calibration lab uses an ISO 9001 certified quality management system (QMS) and performs calibrations that are accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LA. Our capabilities for calibration disciplines include, sound, dimensional, electrical including AC & DC, low and high frequency, RF/Microwave, flow, pressure, torque, force, weighing, time and temperature. When you purchase calibration services from our company, you don't just get a sticker and a piece of paper, you get a comprehensive test and evaluation of your instrument and its performance against the original manufacturer's specifications. When possible, we test your equipment to the same procedures used by the original manufacturer . Usually our tests are more inclusive and our uncertainties are lower.

Even if you did not buy the instrument from us we can calibrate if for you. Some of our services are provided by our third party partner labs. Below are some of the instruments we are capable of certifying. Call or chat for more details of our capabilities.

Air Velocity Meters Anemometers **Angle Meters/Levels
Attenuators Audio Analyzers Balances
Barometers Bimetal Dial Thermometers Bulb Thermometers
Burst Testers  **Cable Tension Meters  Calibrators - All Types
 Calipers (Dial & Electronic)  Capacitance Meters  Chart Recorders
 Clamp On Meters (AC/DC)  Communication Meters Conductivity Meters
 Counters  Current Clamps/Transf  Current Switches
 Data Acquisition  Data Loggers  DC Power Supplies
 Decade Resistance Boxes  Dial Indicators  Durometers
 Digital Pressure Gauges  Digital Thermometers  Distortion Analyzers
 Dry Block Calibrators  Electro  Static Meters  Floor Resistance Meters
 Floor Scales  **Flow Meters  Force Gauges
 Frequency Generators  Frequency Counters  Frequency Synthesizers
 Function Generators  **Gauge Blocks  Ground Resistance Testers
 Height Gauges  High Voltage Probes/Meters  High Voltage Dividers
 Hipot Testers  Humidity - Meters/Loggers  Inductance Meters
 Infrared Thermometers  I/P Transmitters  LCR Meters
 Length Standards  Light & Lux Meters  LIG Thermometers
 Limit Controllers  Load Cells  Loads
 **Mass  Manometers  Mass Flow Meters
 Megohmmeters  Micrometers  Milli Micro Ohm Meters
 Modulation Analyzers  Multimeters  Network Analyzers
 Oscilloscopes  Panel Meters  pH Meters
 Paperless Recorders  **Plug/Pin Gauges  Power Meters (watt)
Power Meters, RF (dB)  Power Sensors (RF) Power Splitters (RF)
 Power Supplies  Pressure Calibrators  Pressure Comparators
 Pressure Gauges  Pressure Transducers  Pressure Switches
 **Protractors  Recorders  Resistors
 RH Transmitters  **Ring/Plug Gauges  Rotameters
 RTD Sensors  RTD Calibrators  **Rulers
 Safety Analyzers  Scales  Scopemeters
 Shunts  Signal Analyzers  Signal Generators
 Signal Convertors  Signal Transmitters  Sound Level Meters
 Sound Level Calibrators  Spectrum Analyzers  Stroboscopes
 Stop Watches  Strip Chart Recorders  **Tape Measure
 Tachometers  Temperature baths  Temp Controllers
 Temp Transmitters  Temp & RH Recorders  Thermometers
 Timers  Thermocouples  Thermocouple Calibrators
 **Thread Gauges  Torque Gauges & Meters  Torque Wrenches
 Transformer Ratio Testers  Trip Replay & Amplifiers  Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
Vacuum Gauges Watt Meters Waveform Generators
Waveform Synthesizers Wrist Strap Testers ** Weights

**Note: Not all above listed equipment is on our calibration scope of accreditation, Please review our scope document for details. We have marked these items with a double *.