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  • - A New Beginning

    Over fifteen years ago a couple of Rutgers Engineering graduates had the bright idea to partner up, incorporate a business and sell test instruments online back when no one had ever heard of the internet.  I can still remember back trying to convince manufacturers to let us sell their products online, they just didn't get it.  A common response was, well we sell a technical product and we need "Reps".  Over that time a lot has changed, everyone sells online now, we opened up an ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab, Amazon was born and many, many competitors arose and Oh that "rep" sales model ? Its dead.

    We welcome our new and existing customers to our new website.  It's a totally new package so we all need to register a new account.  We are proud of this new site as it took over a year to rebuild from the ground up.  A lot of new things are coming and are in the works but simply put; you can buy many, many brands of test and measurement instruments  online and with calibration certificates.

    We added a new site search engine and we based its design on two elements; 1) It had to be fast and visual, 2) It had to be smart.  We feel we did accomplish these two goals.  Give it a try its located prominently on the top of every page.

    We added this Blog to keep you, our customers "in the loop" about the test and measurement industry.  We will use this as a platform to introduce new test and measurement instruments to you but we will also splash in some opinion and commentary; when its justified or just needs to be said.

    Next we are going to be continually adding Technical Buyer Guides to help you understand on a very basic level how all these instruments work and what to look for when you are thinking about buying one.  Some will cover theory, some will included some hands on advice from years of experience and some will recommend certain makes and models.  A lot of the background materials in these guides is provided by our valued vendors and we will acknowledge them in these guides.

    We are also adding product videos, setting up a YouTube channel and all that other social media stuff our kids know how work better than we do.  Give us some time here, its coming.  We do have our Facebook page set up and you can see it here; Facebook.

    We added detailed product pages, just like we have always tried to do.  We also now have detailed Tabs on each product page that include such things as a Product Description, Specifications, Applications, Data Sheets etc.  You can also generate a PDF of the page you are looking at by clicking the "Print PDF" button above the product photo.

    We know the market is going to price, price, price.  While we can sit her all day and blow the customer service horn, we do realize price always matters.  As a result, we added a Quote Module that you can use just like a shopping cart.  Once you submit it, we will come back with a competitive price quote.  We also have a price match policy in place, so let us know if we are too high in price, we really want to earn your business.

    For those of you who are new to the site and our company, we are real people, we do not use automated attendants when you call in.  You will always get a human on the other side of the phone.  We are technical experts, we have seen many applications fail and we have seen even more succeed. Use our technical expertise, its free and it will most likely save you some money and time in selecting what works and what does not.

    Calibration?  Many of you need calibration certificates with your new instruments.  We can provide those because we own and operate a fully functional ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Lab.  Our scope of accreditation is vast and detailed.  Give us a call, we can also take care of instruments you didn't buy from us.  We don't mind and we would love the opportunity to calibrate them for you.  Don't forget instrument repairs, we still do repairs at very competitive prices, so give us a try.

    We hope you find the revamped website useful and easy to use.  Use our built in chat feature or give us a call at (732) 632-6400.  We have the best customer service staff in the business, go ahead, give them a try.

    Thank You

    Mark Gural (aka Instrument Dude) and the Customer Service Team

    Note: is part of our company;  Industrial Process Measurement, Inc.

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