Our Low Price Guarantee - Instrumentation2000.com

Instrumentation2000.com has been selling instrumentation for many years and we realize sometimes a customer can find a lower price. Sometimes these price quotes appear lower, but be careful! Some unauthorized resellers will sell you a refurbished stripped down product with missing vital accessories or even an illegal knock-off. Then they will add high handling/shipping and/or credit card processing fees. We only sell genuine instruments from manufacturers we have an actual relationship with. This is how you get full support, service and warranty assistance from us.

We do realize that you will sometimes find a lower price. We would like the opportunity to earn your business which is why we are offering to match our real competitor's price quote.


How do I get a lower price quote?

To get a lower price quote you must start a dialogue with our customer service representatives or use our cart "quote" capability. You can do this by starting a chat session, emailing us at support@instrumentation2000.com or calling us at (732) 632-6400. You may also fill out our Request for Quote Form. Our representative will ask for your company contact information. We will also ask for a copy of the price quote or a link to the advertised price online. This will allow us to evaluate the price quote and determine if we can match it. Our representative will then prepare a price quote for you if we can match the price, otherwise we will tell you good luck you are getting a great deal. 


Why do some of our advertised prices appear higher than other websites’ advertised prices?

Many of the manufactures we distribute have what is called a MAP policy to control and identify rogue, unauthorized dealers. A MAP policy simply means a Minimum Advertised Price. Most manufacturers require their authorized distributors to follow this policy. It levels the playing field for authorized distributors and allows customers to quickly determine who the unauthorized, rogue dealers are. If we advertised a product below the MAP policy price we could lose the privilege to distribute a product. This is why we must follow the manufacturer’s MAP policy and why you may see what appears to be a higher price advertised.

As a customer, you need to actually evaluate the low quotes you are receiving. Ask these questions and get the answers in writing: Is the product exactly as the manufacture supplies it (accessories not stripped out to lower the price)? Is the seller an authorized distributor? Can they provide factory warranty support and service after the sale? Is the quote inclusive of shipping, handling and credit card processing fees? Is the distributor an established company with real employees who answer the phone, maintain an inventory for support and understand the product you are buying? Can you find a phone number and physical address on the dealer’s web site? Is the address a PO Box (usually shows a company does not have a physical location/warehouse)? Can they tell you how to use the product after you buy it?


Are there any details I should know about Instrumentation2000.com's price match program?

Yes there are a few details...We cannot just accept your word that "ABC Company" is giving you a better price quote. We need to see the price quote or price link online. We need to confirm we are quoting the same exact product with a delivered total price. The competitive price quote must be from an authorized dealer within the USA. We cannot accept offers from unauthorized resellers, eBay or most auction sites. Auction sites usually are selling used or returned or refurbished equipment. We sell only factory fresh, new equipment with full warranties.