Fluke v3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module


Key Features:

The Fluke v3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module is fully functional DC voltage meter that wirelessly relays DC voltage measurements to other Fluke Connect™ enabled master units, listed below:

  • Fluke 3000 FC DMM
  • Fluke Ti200/300/400 Infrared Camera
  • PC via optional pc3000 FC Adapter
  • Fluke Connect Mobile app

With the Fluke v3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module you can:

  • Measure up to 1000 VDC
  • Use as a standalone meter or as part of the system
  • Use the logging function for recording and saving up to 65,000 readings
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The Fluke v3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module is a paradigm example of the benefits of a Fluke Connect wireless test tool. With working environments that pose potential hazards, such as live electrical panels, it is crucial to maintain technician safety without compromising results. The v3001 FC allows for the user to be safely distanced from possible dangers by simply connecting the voltage module and then viewing the results on the Fluke Connect Wireless Multimeter or a portable PC.

Test data can be shared over a wireless network with the Fluke Connect family of test tools as well. Measurement results can be communicated with the Fluke Connect app with ShareLive video call or sent to a smartphone to be saved and shared, even while out in the field.



Voltage Specifications
mV DCRange¹ / resolution600.0 mV / 0.1 mV
Accuracy0.09% + 3
VDCRange¹ / resolution6.000 V / 0.001 V
60.00 V / 0.01 V
600.0 V / 0.1 V
Accuracy0.09% + 3
Range¹ / resolution1000 V / 1 V
Accuracy0.15% + 2
Accuracy is specified for 1 year after calibration, at operating temperatures of 18°C to 28°C, with relative humidity at 0% to 90%. Accuracy specifications take the form of ±([% of Reading] + [Number of least significant digits]).All ranges are autoranging. Accuracy is specified from the range obtained by autoranging, from 18°C to 28°C.
General Specifications
LCD w/ backlight3 ½ digits, 6000 counts, 4/sec update rate
Battery type2 AA Alkaline batteries, NEDA 15A, IEC LR6
Log rate/intervalAdjustable by PC from 1 sec to 1 hr, default 1 min
Battery life400 hours minimum
MemoryRecord up to 65,000 readings
RF communications2.4 GHz ISM Band
RF communication rangeOpen air, unobstructedUp to 20 m
Obstructed, sheetrock wallUp to 6.5 m
Obstructed, concrete wall or steel electrical enclosureUp to 3.5 m
Operating temperature-10°C to +50°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +60°C
Temperature coefficient0.1 x (specified accuracy) / °C (< 18°C or > 28°C)
Relative humidity0% to 90% (0°C to 35°C), 0% to 75% (35°C to 40°C),
0% to 45% (40°C to 50°C)
EMCIEC 61236–1, Portable
Safety complianceIEC 61010–1, 600 V CAT IV / 1000 V CAT III, 3rd edition, Pollution Degree 2
CertificationsCSA, CE, FCC: T68-FBLE IC: 6627A-FBLE
Ingress Protection (IP) ratingIP42
Size (H x W x D)160 x 66 x 38 mm (6.3 x 2.6 x 1.5 in)
Weight0.255 kg (9 oz)
WarrantyThree years
Not compatible with Fluke CNX test tools
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