Wika Mensor CPG2300 Portable Pressure Calibrator

Wika Mensor

Key Features:

  • Ranges to 6000 psi
  • Absolute, gauge, bi-directional or vacuum
  • Accuracy: 0.015%FS
  • Dual sensor
  • Dynamic Temperature Compensation from 0-50oC
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The Wika Mensor CPG2300 is a portable pressure calibrator that can display simultaneously one or two independent precision pressure sensors. Channel A can range up to 6000 psi and Channel B can be ordered with ranges from 3 to 1000 psig or 7.5 to 1000 psia.
Accuracy(1) FS Ranges ≥ 1 psig 0.015% FS
Ranges < 1 psig 0.030% FS
Calibration Stability (after warm up)   Better than 0.015% FS (0.03% for FS ranges < 5 psig) for 180 days with periodic re-zeroing.
Calibration interval   180 days
Calibration adjustment   Zero and Span may be reset without affecting linearity.
Channel A pressure ranges:   0 ... 0.36 up to 0 ... 6000 psig
0 ... 7.5 up to 0 ... 6015 psia
Channel B pressure ranges:   0... 5 up to 0...1000 psig
0...7.5 up to 0...1000 psia
Bidirectional pressure range:   -0.18 ... +0.18 up to -atm ... 6,000 psig
Pressure units   psi, in.Hg @ 0°C and 60°F, in.H2O @ 4°C and 20°C, ft.H2O @ 4°C, 20°C and 60°F, mTorr, inSW @ 0°C, ftSW @ 0°C, atm, bars, mbars, mmH2O @ 4°C, cmH2O @ 4°C, MH2O @ 4°C, mmHg @ 0°C, cmHg @ 0°C, Torr, hPa, mPa, kPa, Pa, D/cmsq, g/cmsq, kg/cmsq, mSW @ 0°C, PSI, PSF, TSF, TSI, mHg @ 0°C, %FS.
All seawater units are 3.5% salinity.
Resolution   5 digits on display; 6 digits over serial port
Overpressure limit   150% FS or greater, depending on range
Compensated temperature °C 0 ... 50
Operating temp. °C 0...50
Storage temp. °C -20 ... 70
Warm-up min < 1 to rated accuracy
Battery life hr. 20
Recharge time hr. < 8
Reading rate 1/sec ~4.6
Response time ms <250 for FS pressure step
Communications   RS-232, 9600 baud, N, 8, 1
Case size in. T-Shaped, 8.6 H x 4.3 W x 1.6 D
Weight lb. Approximately 1.5
  Pressure port: Clean, dry, non-corrosive, non-combustible, non-oxidizing gases for all rated ranges.
Ranges ≥ 5 psi: All other media compatible with aluminum, 316 stainless steel, brass, Buna N, Viton, sealant, silicone grease and RTV. Not designed for oxygen service. Cannot guarantee accuracy on media other than gases.
Reference port: Clean, dry, non-corrosive gases.
Fittings   1/4 inch FNPT pressure ports, nom. 1/16 inch hose barb for ref ports.
Power   +9 to +14.5 VDC, 830 mA max for battery recharge.
Options   Relief valves (mounted externally).
4-20 mA measurement with 24 VDC loop power source; current measurement accuracy 0.015%R.
Display   Monochrome 128 x64 LCD with white LCD backlight.

(1) It is defined by the total measurement uncertainty, which is expressed with the coverage factor (k=2) and includes the following factors: the intrinsic performance of the instrument, the measurement uncertainty of the reference instrument, long-term stability, influence of ambient conditions, drift and temperature effects over the compensated range during a periodic zero point adjustment.

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