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CAL Controls

Key Features:

  • Reduce installation time – quick and simple configuration of CAL’s range of controllers
  • Access to detailed process data via the charting and logging features
  • Lower cost alternative to SCADA
  • Simple set-up, no programming skills required
  • Reduce response time to alarms
  • Reduce changeover time for different process ‘recipes’
  • Vast networking possibilities with OPC client/server architecture
  • Charting and logging is possible for all measured parameters (e.g. PV, SP, Power output %)
  • Automatic archives of data can be set (i.e. every sec, min, hour or day)
  • Export logged data to other applications
  • Comments can be added to points of time in charts
  • Multiple scaling on y-axis to show various measured values
  • Custom color settings for chart and traces
  • Time base can be selected for charts
  • Custom timed charts can be scheduled to run within a 24hr period
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CALgrafix is cost-effective process monitoring and controller configuration software that provides added value to using CAL’s range of process and temperature controllers. Features such as logging, charting, alarm indication, networking and configuration are integrated within a simple WindowsTM based user interface. CALgrafix is ideal in applications where there is a requirement to monitor and record temperature or other process values. Examples: process data for manufacturing reporting, quality control, health and safety purposes or OEM system development.


Supported Products

3300/9300/9400/9500P temperature and process controllers. Third party compatible device with OPC server support.

System Requirements

The system requirements are highly dependent on the number of clients and servers connected but also the number of tags being updated and the frequency of update. As a general requirement, we would recommend a minimum of Pentium 450MHz with 128MB RAM, WindowsTM 98/ME/NT/2000.


  • • Parameter set-up of 33/93/9400 and 9500P controllers
  • • Click’n’drag graphical profile set-up for 9500P process/temperature controllers
  • • Multiple programs and profiles can be saved and called for various applications
  • • Instrument setting cloning reduces set-up time
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  • • Environmental and test chambers
  • • Plastic injection and extrusion machines
  • • Metal and glass annealing
  • • Material curing equipment
  • • Refrigeration equipment
  • • Ovens, autoclaves, furnaces, and kilns
  • • Scientific research and testing
  • • Food processing equipment
  • • Other process and OEM applications
  • • Semiconductor manufacturing processes