DENT Instruments

DENT Instruments designs and manufactures data loggers and energy recorders for today's demanding energy professionals right in the USA. Dent products are often the first step in developing strong energy strategies, for maintaining peak operations, and for lowering operating costs. For over 25 years, the Dent company has built a reputation for providing instruments of the highest quality whose robust design, small size and remote data acquisition capabilities make them the data logger and recorders of choice for companies large and small. 

Since the company's emergence in 1988, Dent's products have performed energy measurement and revennue studies for a wide range of utility, government, and private customers. This unique customer perspective has strongly influenced the design of Dent products, reflected in their ease of installation and use.

DENT Instruments is headquartered in Bend, Oregon, USA. The company is very proud to be a locally owned and managed business, and a key contributor to the economic health and well-being of Central Oregon.