IPM, Inc. COVID-19 Status Update

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect company operations across the USA, we have not sat idle.  Our company offers a unique service that supports the manufacturing infrastructure of our country.  As a result we are open and operating at almost full capability.  Our goal is to maintain the safety of our employees while at the same time supporting our customers as they struggle to continue manufacturing and service operations.  As of March 23, 2020 we have:

  • Discontinued use of time clocks
  • Daily employee debriefing of health symptoms and exposure from friends and family certification
  • Debriefed employees to changes in the handling of equipment arriving for services
  • Issued letters to each employee so they can travel to/from work as an essential service
  • Instituted safe work spaces with 6 foot distances between employees with no roaming
  • Staggered lunches and breaks to limit employee congregation areas
  • Established a daily cleaning regiment for common touch areas (keyboard/mouse), tools and spaces
  • Using phones as opposed to face to face communication
  • Established an open doors and lights on policy in all labs and offices to avoid employees from handling door handles and light switches
  • Not allowing customers to enter our facility
  • Quarantined incoming shipments, wiping the boxes with a cleaner and allowing a 24 hour waiting period before they are handled, Wiping each instrument before handling
  • Created a paper work review zone to avoid constant employee interactions
  • Moved sales and web development to remote work from home
  • Set up only new clean cups at water dispensers, no personal containers in use
  • All employees are using gloves to handle any common work
  • Centralized one garbage can per office area, trash is removed daily
  • Mandating safety glasses for all technicians to avoid contact with eyes

Our work sphere is not conducive to remote working, we need to touch what we work on in order to service our customers.  We continue to allow ship in services and pick-up/delivery as usual.  We will work with any customer who utilizes these delivery methods.

We will update this systems as we become more attuned to the outside world and what is taking place.