Sineax Model TI-816 Low Cost Loop Signal Isolator

GMC Instruments
GMC Instruments

Key Features:

  • Highly Accurate Device, +/-0.1%
  • No Power Supply Needed
  • Meets EMC 1010 Guideline
  • Input Signal: 0-20mA or 4-20mA
  • CE Approved
  • Small Housing,
  • High Density Installations on DIN Rail
  • 500 Vrms Test Voltage, 800 V Surge
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The Sineax TI-816 low cost signal isolator provides easy galvanic isolation of common 4-20mA loop signals, uses no power and mounts on any DIN rail. The compact housing allows many isolators to share space in a panel on a common DIN rail.

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Sineax TI-816 Technical Specifications

Input:0-20 or 4-20 mA
Max Input:50 mA
Voltage Drop:<2 Volts (500 Ohm Burden)
Overshoot:Typically < 5 uA
Accuracy:<+/-0.1% for mA Output
<+/-0.2% for Volt Output
Output:0-20 mA or 0-10 V DC
Max Burden:600 Ohm Input
100 Ohm Output (mA DC)
>= 5 MOhm Output (V DC)
Safety:UL94 Flammability, IEC 1010, En 60 529
Housing Protection:Lexan, IP40 Housing, IP20 Terminals
Size:12.5 x 79 x 50 mm (WHD), 35 Grams
Operating Temp:-20 to 65C
Mounting:Rail, Any Direction
Shock:50 G's, 10 Shocks in 3 Directions


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