Wika Mensor CTH7000 Hand-held Thermometer

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Part Number: CTH7000

Manufacturer: Wika Mensor



Key Features:

  • Temperature range: -200 ... +962 °C (-328 ... +1,764 °F)
  • Stability: < 0.005 °C per year
  • Dual inputs measuring platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) and thermistors single or differential measurement
  • High long-term stability

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Product Detail


The Wika Mensor CTH7000 is a 2-channel thermometer that is for Pt100 and thermistor probes. The CTH7000 can deal with accuracies and resolutions normally associated with a bench top thermometer.



Hand-Held thermometer
Probe types Pt100 and Pt25 resistance thermometers, NTC thermistors
Measuring inputs 2
Data entry format ITS 90 and CVD for calibrated probes; or EN 60751 for uncalibrated probes
Measuring ranges
Probe current DC 1 mA (Pt100); Auto-select 1 mA, 10 μA and 3 μA for thermistors
Temperature range -200 ... +962 °C (-328 ... +1,764 °F), depending on thermometer probe
Resistance thermometers 1) 0.015 K
NTC thermistors 0 ... 400 Ω
400 Ω ... 50 kΩ
50 ... 400 kΩ
±0.006 Ω
±0.01 % of reading
±0.02 % of reading

1) The accuracy in K defines the deviation between the measured value and the reference value. (Only valid for indicating instruments.)


Digital indicator
Screen Large 4 1/2-digit two-line LC display with backlighting
Resolution 0.001 °C
Memory approx. 8,000 values
Functions via key press Statistical analysis: Min./Max. average and standard deviation, Hold, Zero, one-shot measurement, measurement log
Real-time clock integrated clock with date
Voltage supply
Power supply Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable battery
Charging socket built-in low battery indicator
Battery life approx. 20 hours of operation
Permissible ambient conditions
Operating temperature 0 ... 40 °C (32 ... 104 °F)
Storage temperature -20 ... +50 °C(-4 ... +122 °F)
Interface USB
Dimensions (L x D x W) 232 x 97 x 53 mm (9.13 x 3.82 x 2.09 in)
Weight 500 g (1.1 lbs)


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  • Precision thermometer for very accurate temperature measurements in a range of -200 ... +962 °C (-328 ... +1,764 °F)
  • Reference instrument for testing, adjusting and calibrating temperature measuring instruments in factories and calibration laboratories
  • Self-contained, complete system also suitable for on-site measurements/calibrations



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