Wika Mensor CPP30 500 PSIG (35 bar) Pneumatic Calibration Hand Pump

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Part Number: CPP30-P

Manufacturer: Wika Mensor



Key Features:

  • Ergonomic handling
  • Fine adjustment vernier valve
  • Compact size
  • Low weight

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Wika Mensor is introducing their CPP30 500 PSIG (35 bar) Pneumatic Calibration Hand Pump. The CPP30 works by simultaneously connecting to a device under test and a pressure reference, applying pressure to both instruments. Calibration or adjustment of the device under test is achieved by comparing the two measured values. Even more, the pump is fitted with a fine adjustment Vernier for the intricate tuning of each pressure point.

Users can accurately generate test pressure up to 508 psi and vacuum down to -14 psi. The reference instrument is fitted right to the top of the calibration hand pump, and the device under test is connected by way of a connection tube (19”) with optional NPT adapters.



Pressure range -0.95 ... +35.0 bar
(-28 inHg ... +500 psi)
Pressure transmission medium Air
Pressure connections G ½ female thread for reference instrument, freely rotating; hose with G ¼ female thread for test item, freely rotating
Option: adapter to 1/4" NPT female thread for reference instrument connection
Fine adjustment Fine adjustment valve
Overpressure protection Adjustable via knurled nut
Material Chrome-plated brass, anodised aluminium, high-strength plastic
Dimensions (L x W x H) 220 x 105 x 63 mm (8.66 x 4.31 x 2.48 in)
Weight 510 g (1.125 lbs)

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  • Calibration hand pump for laboratories, workshops or on site
  • For testing, adjusting and calibrating all types of pressure measuring instruments
  • Pneumatic calibration hand pump from -14 ... 500 psi



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