Mensor CPG2400 Digital Benchtop Pressure Indicator

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Part Number: CPG2400-B

Manufacturer: Wika Mensor



Key Features:

  • Ranges to 6000 psi
  • 0.03% FS accuracy
  • Absolute, gauge, bidirectional or vacuum
  • RS-232 or RS-485 communications
  • 17 selectable pressure units and 1 user defined unit

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Maximum number of characters: 20

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The CPG2400 Digital Pressure Gauge from Mensor is a single range pressure measuring device equipped with an accuracy of 0.03% FS and a compact construction. The innovative design of the offers peak and null features, selectable from the main menu screen. It is temperature compensated from 15 to 45 degrees Celsius and can be used in this range without degradation of accuracy. Pressure ranges are available in either absolute, gauge or bidirectional modes from as low as 10 in.H2O to as high as 6,000 psi.


Even more, the LCD display, complete with an intuitive menu structure, makes navigation within the setup screens virtually effortless. The membrane key pad delivers the ability to navigate within these menus to set display features like  peak, null, pressure units. For user flexibility, the CPG2400 can be operated from a remote computer via a RS-232 or RS-485 serial port connection. The serial port can be used to configure, read or calibrate the sensor.



Pressure types   Absolute, gauge, bidirectional
Pressure ranges   Gauge: 0.36 to 6000 psig
Absolute: 7.5 to 6015 psia
Bidirectional: -0.18 ... 0.18 to -15 ... 6000 psi
Accuracy (1)   0.03% FS over compensated temperature range for 180 days.
Resolution   5 digits
°C 15 to 45
Storage temperature °C ‑20 to 70
Pressure units   psi, inHg @0°C, inHg @60°F, inH2O @4°C, inH2O @20°C, bar, mbar, mmHg @0°C, cmHg @0°C, Pa, hPa, kPa, MPa, kg/cm2, cmH2O @4°C, cmH2O @20°C, MSW @0°C
Pressure interfaces   7/16 - 20 SAE, Ref: 10-24, 1/8 and 1/4” FNPT adapters included
  Pressure port: Clean, dry, non-corrosive, non-combustible, non-oxidizing gases for all rated ranges.
Ranges ≥ 7.5 psi: All other media compatible with aluminum, 316 stainless steel, brass, Buna N, Viton, sealant, silicone grease and RTV. Not designed for oxygen service. Cannot guarantee accuracy on media other than gases.
Reference port: Clean, dry, non-corrosive gases.
Warm-up time min <1 minute
Communications   RS-232 or RS-485 (100 ft cable length recommended)
Baud rate baud 9600 baud, N,8,1
Reading rate sec ~4.6
Response time mS <252
Orientation   Negligible >30 psi zero offset resettable w/zero – can be completely removed with re-zeroing
Power input   12 VDC, .125 A
Display   Monochrome 128x64 LCD, with white LED backlight
Weight lbs. <1.5
Case size in. 2.6” H x 4.2” W x 4.9” D
Warranty   One year
Options   Relief valves for ranges >100 psi mounted externally. Rack mount kit.
(1) It is defined by the total measurement uncertainty, which is expressed with the coverage factor (k=2) and includes the following factors: the intrinsic performance of the instrument, the measurement uncertainty of the reference instrument, long-term stability, influence of ambient conditions, drift and temperature effects over the compensated range during a periodic zero point adjustment.

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  • Desk top monitoring of barometric pressure changes
  • Production and test environments
  • Pressure test benches



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