Probe Master Oscilloscope Probe 3915 Master Kit

Probe Master

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The Probe Master 3915 Master Scope Probe kit includes three probes and accessories for measurement up to 100 MHz.

 This probe features a snap-on rotating ground lead, and a heavy duty fixed tip. The switchable model allows for quick finger tip change between 1X, 10X and reference ground. The probe body is made of high impact ABS. Soft molded strain reliefs at all stress points assure long cable life. In short it has been designed to offer you high performance coupled with high quality at a low cost.

Voltage Rating - (All probes 600 Volts D.C)  
Rugged Fixed Tip .055" Dia  

Accessories included- (3) Sprung Hooks, (3) 6" Ground Leads, Trimmer Tool, Extender Tip and Storage Box

3915 Master Kit

  • • 100 MHz
  • • 12 Piece Kit


Probes included:

3901-2 (1X/10X)
3903-2 (1X)
3904-2 (10X


Probe Specifications
  Length BW MHz Rise Time Loading
Model Atten. Ft. M. AT-3DB ns pF m-ohm
3901-2 Switchable
5 1.5 10/100 35/3.5 57/15 1/10
3903-2 1X 5 1.5 26 13.5 54 1
3904-2 10X 5 1.5 100 3.5 15 10


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