Pomona 4391 50 OHM BNC Resistor Attenuator


Key Features:

  • Use to add series resistance to coaxial lines with BNC connectors.

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The Pomona 4391-50 is a 50 ohm resistor attenuator with BNC connectors.

Body and Fittings:  Brass, Alloy 360, ½ Hard
Center Contact:  Male – Brass, Alloy 360, ½ Hard
   Female – Beryllium Copper per      
   ASTM B196 and B197 Cond. HT
Outer Contact: Beryllium Copper, per ASTM B196
                         and B197 Cond. HT
Dielectric: Teflon per ASTM D1457
Gasket/Seals: Silicone rubber per ZZ-R-765, Class
11, Grade 50
Resistor:  Non-inductive film resistor
Finish: Body and Fittings: Tarnish resistant
Center Contact: Male – Gold plated
Outer Contact:  Tarnish resistant
Marking:  “Pomona 4391-50 2W”
     “50 Ohm Attenuator”

Operating Temperature: +102º C (+216º F) Max.
Frequency Range: DC to 500 MHz
Resistance Tolerance ±1%
Power: 2W @ 25º C Max.

Data Sheet

Pomona 4391 Data Sheet


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