Kanomax 6700-VG Micromanometer with Velocity Grid Kit


Key Features:

  • Standard with Bluetooth wireless capability which allows you to send your data to your ANDROID device.
  • Supply and exhaust
  • Memory and Averaging
  • It measures airflow and pressure readings with a pitot tube or velocity grid.
  • Displays in both imprerial and metric units
  • Velocity Grid, Airfoil and Pitot tube mode
  • Velocity and Pressure
  • Auto -Range and Zero
  • Air Density corrected
  • BRIGHT color display
  • Dual durometer non-slip durable plastic case
  • Comes with hands-free neck strap

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A handheld micromanometer, the model 6700-VG’s advanced mechanics allows it to take airflow and pressure readings with a pitot tube or the velocity grid. The cross shaped grid design, like that in the base of the capture hood, makes it feasible to take face velocity readings and average velocity readings at various points simultaneously.

The 6700-VG also boasts Bluetooth® wireless capability. This innovative feature allows the user to send data to a smartphone or any Android-based device.

Although the unit comes standard as part of the 6715 capture hood, it may also be purchased separately.

Measurement Specifications
Range With Pitot Tube: 30 to 7874 FPM (0.15 to 40 m/s)
With Velocity Grid: 30 to 2952 FPM (0.15 to 15 m/s)
Accuracy +/- 3% of READING +/- 0.05 m/s
Range -10 to 10 in. w.c. (-2500 to 2500 Pa)
Accuracy +/- 1.5% of READING +/- 0.25 Pa
Absolute Pressure
Range 20 to 38 in. Hg (70 to 130 kPa)
Accuracy +/- 2% of READING
General Specifications
Interface USB, Bluetooth
Velocity Grid Size 11″ x 11″ (for 1 square foot area)
Datalogging 8,000 measurements
Power Supply 4 x AA Batteries or AC Adapter
Standards CE-mark
Warranty 1 year


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  • HVAC Testing
  • Critical Environment Certification
  • HEPA Filter Performance Testing
  • Manufacturing Process Control

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