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Mono-Pump is a pneumatic hand pump to supply precise, stable pressure or vacuum for field calibration of transmitters and instruments. MON-PUMP features a unique single handle to operate both the pump and precision volume vernier adjuster.

This exclusive feature eliminates trouble-prone parts used in other pumps. The compact and leak-proof MONO-PUMP design assures years of reliable service under the most extreme field conditions. MONO-PUMP is available in a pressure version, the MPUMP 150, which pumps up to 150 psig, or the MPUMPV, with vacuum to 24" Hg.

A major benefit of MONO-PUMP is the low pumping effort. The single-handle design reduces the "dead air" inside the pump. Higher pressure or vacuum can be reached quickly, with fewer pump strokes.

The MONO-PUMP precision vernier volume adjuster allows +/-0.01 psi/"Hg pressure or vacuum calibrations. Adjustments are very repeatable and the relief vent knob permits controlled bleed-off for quicker multi point calibration testing. The acetal plast ic pump body reduces pressure or vacuum calibration changes.

MONO-PUMP uses corrosion-resistant materials throughout its construction. Materials which withstand exposure to hydrocarbons, solvents, corrosive gases, and tough enough to take a bashing in a toolbox. The pump comes equipped with a quick-connect fitting for fast test and hookups.

Important operator safety and time-saving features are standard with MONO-PUMP. A integral pressure relief rupture disk designed to prevent operator injury if the pump is over pressured (> 400 psi). The Mono-Pump should not be used for applications above 150 psi.

Rebuild your pump in the field by ordering Part Number MPKIT.

MONO-PUMP 150:150 psig, Maximum
Burst Pressure:1200 psig @ 70 F
Physical:1.1" Dia. x 7.5" Lg., Wt. 5 Oz.
Pressure Port Fitting:1/8"-27 MPT, Acetal Body
CPC-Type Quick-Connect
Warranty:2 Years
Materials:Acetal, Stainless Steel
Buna-Nitrile O-Rings
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