Hoyt HPC7K High Voltage Multifunction Phasing Stick


Key Features:

  • Measure voltages from phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase
  • Verify a conductor is de-energized
  • Meets IEC 61481 (100 kV for 1 min)
  • Two year warranty
  • Encapsulated front end and dual colored scale (%, VAC)
  • Models are available to cover system voltages from 1kV to 44kV @50 or 60Hz
  • System Voltage for HPC7K is 6.6kV
    Full Scale Voltage for HPC7K is 8kV
    Maximum Voltage for HPC7K is 9kV

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The HPCK series of high voltage phasing sticks are available in five models that cover up to 48kV. The high quality fiberglass front end and composite polyurethane main body is tough, lightweight, and provides superior safety. The vertical dual color coded scales are easy to read and indicate %/Kilovolts. The one piece construction does not require dismantling or contain moving parts. All front end resistors are encapsulated. The series is designed for the testing of grounded and ungrounded systems.
Total Resistance 4.48MΩ
Response time <1Sec
Neon Threshold 1.2kV
Neon Lit Fully @ 1.5kV
Length of Handle 775mm
Length Front End 400mm
Total Length 1.175m
Total Weight 2.1kg


Handle Materia           Composite Material with Polyurethane
Front Endl                         Fiber Glass Wound Tubing

Operating temperature :             -25°C to +55°C
Operating Humidity :                   20 to 96% RH


System Voltage 6.6kV
Full Scale Voltage 8kV
Maximum Voltage 9kV
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  • These phasing sticks are used to determine if two conductors are in-phase or out-of-phase
  • Measure phase to phase, compare between phases, or test phase to earth

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