Fuji Electric PXF4 Temperature Controller Socketed

Fuji Electric

Key Features:

  • Universal input
    • Thermocouple, RTD, voltage, current, mV
  • Improved input indication accuracy, up to ±0.2%
  • 0.1 to 99 second control cycle
  • On/Off control & PID controls with auto tuning
    • PID, 2-degrees-of-freedom PID, & fuzzy
    • Open-loop supported PID2 control
  • Ramp soak function (simple program control)
    • 64 steps x 1 pattern
    • 32 steps x 2 patterns
    • 16 steps x 4 patterns
    • 8 steps x 8 patterns
  • Directly connect to a PC with optional USB cable
    • This will bus-power the unit
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The Fuji Electric PXF4 temperature controller socket-type was designed as a successor to the PXR4 socket-type. It is geared with multiple input and output options as well as sophisticated control functions making it ideal for a wide range of applications. You can use any input among RTD, thermocouples, voltage, current, and mV. Switching the input is an easy parameter change. The socket terminal on the back makes this unit conveniently plug and play.

General specifications

Power supply: 100 V (-15%) to 240 V (+10%) AC, 50/60 Hz;
24 V (±10%) DC/AC
Power consumption: 10 VA MAX. (100 to 240 V AC), 5 VA MAX. (24 V DC/AC)
Insulation resistance: 20 MΩ or more (at 500 V DC)
Withstand voltage: Power source ↔ all terminals: 1500 V AC for 1 min
Relay contact output ↔ all terminals: 1500 V AC for 1 min
Between others 500 V AC for 1 min

Input section

Process value input
Number of input: 1
Input setting: Programmable scale
Input signal: See Table 1
(Universal input: thermocouple, RTD, voltage, current)
Standard measurement range and input type: See Table 1
Indication accuracy (at Ta = 23°C): • Thermocouple input: ±0.5%FS ±1 digit ±1°C
Thermocouple B: 0 to 400°C: no accuracy assurance
Thermocouple R: 0 to 500°C: ±1%FS ±1 digit ±1°C
Thermocouples: -200 to -100°C: ±2°C ±1 digit
• RTD input: ±0.8°C ±1 digit or ±0.2% ±1 digit of indicated value, whichever is larger
• mV input, voltage input, current input: ±0.3%FS ±1 digit
* Note that the sensor should be sufficiently warmed up to secure the accuracy
Temperature effect on sensitivity: ±0.3%FS/10°C
Indication resolution: See Table 1
Input sampling rate: 50 ms
Input impedance: • Thermocouple, mV input: 1 MΩ or more
• Current input: 150 Ω or less (built-in diode)
• Voltage input: About 1 MΩ
Variation by signal source resistance: • Thermocouple, mV input: ±0.3%FS ±1 digit per 100 Ω
• Voltage input: ±0.3%FS ±1 digit per 500 Ω
Allowable wiring resistance: RTD: 10 Ω or less (per wire)
Allowable input voltage: • DC voltage input: within ±35V
• Current input: within ±25 mA
• Thermocouple, RTD, mV input: within ±5 V
Noise reduction ratio: • Normal mode: 40 dB (50/60 Hz)
• Common mode: 120 dB (50/60 Hz)
• Between input and power supply: ±1°C at 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Input correction: (a) User adjustment: ±50%FS for each of zero and span point
(b) Process value shift: ±10%FS
(c) Input filter: 0.0 to 120.0 s
(filter OFF if set at 0.0)
(d) Square root extraction: -0.1 to 105% (OFF if set to -0.1%)
Overrange, underrange: Out of the range between -5% and 105% FS (accuracy
not guaranteed between -5 and 0, and between 100 and
105% FS)
• JPt, Pt, 0–10 V DC: out of the range between -2%
and 105% FS
• Thermocouple E: out of the range between -5% and
102% FS


Output section

Control output
Number of points: 1
    selected among (1) to (3) below
    (1) Relay contact output (SPDT)
          • Proportional cycle: 1 to 150 seconds
          • Contact structure: SPDT (single pole double throw)
          • Contact capacity: 250 V AC/30 V DC, 5 A (resistive load)
          • Mechanial life: 50 million operations MIN. (100 operations/min)
          • Electrical life: 100,000 operations MIN. (rated load)
    (2) SSR drive output
          • Proportional cycle: 1 to 150 s
          • ON voltage: 12 V DC (between 10.7 and 13.2V DC)
          • OFF voltage: 0.5 V DC or lower
          • Maximum current: 20 mA DC
          • Load resistance: 600 Ω MIN.
    (3) Current output (4 to 20 mA DC)
          • Accuracy: ±5%FS
          • Load resistance: 500 Ω MAX.
Alarm output (option)
Number of outputs: Relay contact output: Up to 2
Output specifications: Relay contact output
Contact structure: SPST (single pole single throw)
Contact capacity: 250 V AC/30 V DC, 1 A (resistive load)
Minimum ON/OFF current: 10 mA (5 V DC)
Mechanical life: 20 million operations MIN.
                                              (100 operations/min)
Electrical life: 100,000 operations MIN. (rated load)
Alarm kind: Absolute alarm, deviation alarm, zone alarm, upper and
lower limit, and hold function available for each kind of
Alarm latch, Excitation/non-excitation selecting function
Output cycle: 100 ms
What is alarm with hold?
The alarm is not turned ON immediately even when the
process value is in the alarm band. It turns ON when it
goes out the alarm band and enters again.


Indication/setting section

Display unit
Type: LCD (with backlight)
Indication contents: Process value indication: 11-segment, 4-digit [white]
Setpoint indication: 11-segment, 4-digit [green]
Screen No. indication: 7-segment, 3-digit [orange]
Status indication: 23 indicator lamps
Setting section Five embossed keys


Control functions

Control types
ON/OFF control
PID control   • PID parameters determination: Auto tuning
Fuzzy PID control   • PID parameters determination: Auto tuning
Self tuning control
PID2 control   • PID parameters determination: Auto tuning
Control parameters
• Proportional band (P): 0.0–999.9% (On/off control when P=0)
• Integral time (I): 0 to 3200 s
                            Integral time control invalidated when I = 0.
• Differential time (D): 0.0 to 999.9 s
                            Differential time control invalidated when D = 0.
• Control cycle: 100 to 900 ms (in 100 ms), 1 to 99 s (in s)
• Anti-reset windup:
0 to 100% of measurement range
• Hysteresis band: 50% of measurement range
(available only during the on/off control)
Control mode
Mode type: Auto, Manual
*In the manual mode on/off control, available MVs are 100% and 0%.
Mode switching: • Auto↔Manual: Balanceless·bumpless


Data backup at power failure
On non-volatile memory


Program error supervision by watchdog timer


Operation and storage conditions
Operating ambient temperature:
     -10 to 50°C
Storage temperature:
     -20 to 60°C
Operating/storage ambient humidity:
     90%RH MAX. (no condensation)
Warm-up time:
     30 min MIN
     During transportation 9.8 m/s2 (1G) or less
     During transportation: 294 m/s2 (30G) or less


Mounting method:
    Panel flush mounting, DIN rail mounting
    (DIN rail mounting requires the dedicated socket.)
External terminals:
    8-pin or 11-pin socket, M3.5 screw terminals
    *The socket is a separate order item.
   • Material: ABS, PPO
   Flammability: equivalent to UL94V-0
   • Color: Black
Protection structure:
   • Panel front side: equivalent to IP66 and NEMA 4X
   (When the panel is mounted using our genuine packing.
   Not water-proof if mounted closely together.)
   • Body (slits on top and bottom): equivalent to IP20
   48 (W) × 48 (H) × 85.7 (D) mm
   Approx. 200g


User customize function
Parameter mask function:
    You can switch between show/hide of parameters.
Program (ramp/soak) function:
    • Number of program patterns: 1 or 2
    • 8 ramps and 8 soaks in total
User key:
    You can assign the following functions to the user key:
    auto/manual switching, standby on/off, etc.


• UL, C-UL: expected date of certification: March 2019


EU Directive Compliance   
LVD (2014/35/EU)
         EN 61010-1
         EN 61010-2-030
EMC (2014/30/EU)
         EN 61326-1 (Table 2)
         EN 55011 (Group 1 Class A)
         EN 61000-3-2 (Class A)
         EN 61000-3-3
RoHS (2011/65/EU)
         EN 50581


*The following table shows the difference of outputs among
other micro-controller X series models.

SSR driving output Allowable load resistance
for 4 to 20mA
DC output
Voltage Maximum current
PXR3 DC15V 20mA 100 ~ 500 Ω
PXR4/5/7/9 DC24V 20mA 600 Ω or less
PXV3 DC5.5V 20mA 600 Ω or less
PXV/PXW/PXZ DC24V 20mA 600 Ω or less
PXF DC12V 20mA 500 Ω or less


Table 1 Measurement range

Input type Measurement range [°C] Minimum input increment [°C]
RTD JPt100 -199.9 to 600.0 150
Pt100 -200 to 850 150
Thermocouple J -100 to 1000 400
K -200 to 1300 400
R 0 to 1700 1700
B 0 to 1800 1800
S 0 to 1700 1700
T -199.9 to 400.0 399.9
E -200 to 800 800
L -100 to 850 950
N -200 to 1300 1500
PL-II 0 to 1300 1300
W 0 to 2300 2300
U -200 to 400.0 599.9
DC voltage 0–5 V DC




-1999 to 9999
(Scaling range)




1–5 V DC
0–10 V DC
2–10 V DC
0–100 mV DC
DC current 0–20 mA DC
4–20 mA DC

1. When the temperature exceeds 1000°C, the decimal point does not appear on the screen.
2. Input signal, measurement range, and set value at the time of delivery are as follows:
Thermocouple K, Measurement range from 0 through 400°C, Set value 0°C.
Switching the input signal among thermocouple, RTD, current, and voltage is available by key operation on the front panel.

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