Crystal Engineering XP2i-DP Digital Differential Pressure Test Gauge

Crystal Engineering

Key Features:

  • 6 true differential range options
  • Intrinsically Safe (ATEX & CSA)
  • Selectable engineering units
  • Zero and Peak Hold with quick reading function
  • AVG functions smooths out readings
  • Bright backlit display
  • Long battery life, 1400 hours
  • 0.1% of reading accuracy wet/wet differential sensor
  • Standard 1/8" NPT pressure ports
  • Panel mounting flange with rear mount option
  • Corrosion resistant with marine-grade Housing
  • Submersible in water
  • Long term, high accuracy vacuum measurement
  • Optional Data Logger XP Upgrade available
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Crystal Engineering’s XP2i-DP Differential Pressure Test Gauge features the most innovative technology and double-sided isolated differential pressure sensing, all encompassed in a durable design. In addition to all the features of the Crystal XP2i Pressure Gauge, the intrinsically safe XP2i-DP offers expanded capabilities, including 0.1% of reading accuracy wet/wet differential transducer and an incomparable level of performance in long term high vacuum applications. The XP2i-DP is also customizable, meeting a greater range of application requirements, for either portable or panel mounting configurations.

For even more benefits, the DataLoggerXP upgrade offers an Ultra Low Power (ULP) Mode, the capacity to data log pressure to 32,000 data points and more than an entire year of unremitting recording time. 

Crystal XP2i-DP Gauge Options


20 to 100% of Full Scale

±(0.1% of Reading + Static Line Effect)

0 to 20% of Full Scale

±(0.02% of Full Scale + Static Line Effect)

Static Line Effect: 0.0003 psi/psi of lowest static pressure.

Includes all effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, temperature, and stability for one year



-10 to 50° C (14 to 122° F)

Non-condensing. No change in accuracy over operating temperature range. Gauge must be zeroed to achieve rated specification.


-40 to 75° C (-40 to 167° F).

Battery should be removed if stored for more than one month.


Liquids and gases compatible with 300 Series stainless steel and buna-n (o-ring).


1 psi =

27.6806 inches of water column (water at 4° C [39.2° F])

27.7070 inches of water column (water at 15.6° C [60° F])

27.7292 inches of water column (water at 20° C [68° F])

2.03602 inches of mercury (mercury at 0° C [32° F])

51.7149 millimeters of mercury (mercury at 0° C [32° F])

703.087 millimeters of water column (water at 4° C [39.2° F])

0.070307 kilograms per square centimeter

68.948 millibar

6.8948 kilopascals

0.068948 bar

0.006895 megapascals


Pressure Connections

1/8" Female NPT (both + and – ports)


DB9, RS-232 (environmentally sealed)

Note: Do not use the RS-232 connector in a hazardous atmosphere



5.5 digits

Display Rate

4 readings/second (standard)

8 readings/second (PSV mode)

Numerical Display Height

16.9 mm (0.67") single line display. LCD readable in sunlight with bright backlight


(U.S. Patent D612277)


915g (2.0 lbs), including batteries


165.1 mm (6.5") H x 112 mm (4.4") W x 33 mm (1.3") D




Diecast, nickel plating over low copper, marine grade aluminum

Keypad and Labels

UV Resistant Polyester


Permanent fill dual diaphragm seal (filled with Dow Corning 200)

Max Static Line Pressure

100 psi



Three size AA (LR6) batteries

WARNING: Do not remove or change the batteries in hazardous locations

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  • Flow meters
  • Pressure regulators
  • Pressure trip devices
  • Orifice plates
  • DP transmitter testing
  • Valves

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