Applent Instruments AT2816A LCR Meter

Applent Instruments

Key Features:

  • TFT-LCD Display
  • Correction: OPEN and SHORT
  • Comparator Function: 10 files,14 bins: P1~P9,NG,AUX, HI, IN, LO
  • Interface: RS232C and Handler
  • Optional Interface: USB
  • Test signal monitor: Vm and Im
  • Avarage rate: 1~200times
  • Measurement Terminal: 5 terminals
  • Key lock function
Product Options:

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Applent’s AT2816A LCR Meter features an expansive 50Hz-200kHz frequency range and a 0.05%±5 dgt accuracy, all compacted into a portable benchtop meter for even more flexibility in application requirements. The AT2816A has a programmable signal level of 0.01V to 2.00V with an autoranging 9 range selection. Designed with efficiency and productivity in mind, the meter’s TFT LCD screen in full color provides for easy viewing and measurement adjusting while the integrated memory enables data to be sorted and stored for quick access at later dates.



AT2816A Precision Digital LCR Meter

AT2816B Digital LCR Meter



Monitor Parameters

Z, D, Q, θr, θd, R, X, G, B, Y, Vac, Iac, Δ, Δ%


0.05% ±5 dgt

0.1%±5 dgt


50Hz -200kHz (continuous frequency with resolution of 0.001Hz)

50Hz - 200kHz (37 kinds frequency)

Display Range

L: 0.00001µH-999999H                           C: 0.00001pF - 999999µF    R,Z: 0.00001Ω - 99.9999MΩ          

D: 0.00001 – 9.99999        Q: 0.00001 – 99999.9       D%:-999999% - 999999%

θ(rad): -3.14159 – 3.14159    θ(deg): -179.999° -179.999°

Source Resistance

30Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω


9 ranges,  Automatic, Manual, Nominal

Display Max

6 dgt, principle parameter: 999999; sub parameter: 999999; monitor parameter: 999999

Signal Level

0.01V - 2.00V (10mV Step)


30 t/s, 10 t/s, 6 t/s, 3 t/s    1 - 256 times average is available


14-bin sorting, 10-bin GD, 1-bin NG, 1-bin AUX, 2-bin principle parameter NG

Count function: Max - 999999

List Test

10 groups frequency and level scanning test


Open/Short frequency reset, 3 point frequency and load correction


10 group files to save users' setting, 1 group to save system data real-time


RS232C, ExHandler Interface, with standard USB disc interface (article 10000 data)


LCR automatic selection, keypad lock, SCPI instruction set, true-color TFT-LCD display


Power Supply

Voltage: 90V AC - 250V AC  Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz  Power: Max 20VA


264mm(Width)x107mm(Height)x350 mm(Depth); 4kg

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