AEMC ALS-1 2121.05 AC Line Splitters


Key Features:

  • Avoids splitting lines, makes reading current easy
  • Increases sensitivity of clamp-on probes and clamp-on meters ten times in X10 mode
  • Direct reading X1 mode
  • Voltmeter input jacks
  • Integral ground conductor
  • 120V, 15A capacity

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The AC Line Splitter Model ALS-1 increases the sensitivity of clamp-on current probes and clamp-on meters. Avoiding splitting lines makes reading current easy. The Model ALS-1 provides temporary separation of conductors to facilitate measurement of current. Simply plug the Model ALS-1 into a connector for a safe measurement. Direct readings are available. Two clamp positions: X1 for direct readings; X10 for actual reading multiplied by 10. Also features voltage check function.

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Conduct AC current measurement from a three-prong outlet using any standard current probe where it is not possible to clamp around the current carrying conductor