Additel 260Ex Intrisically Safe Handheld Multichannel Reference Recorder (Compound Pressure)


Key Features:

  • Up to 8 measurement channels
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Field Switchable Pressure Module
  • Pressure Accuracy to 0.02%FS
  • Temperature RTD Accuracy to 0.01%RDG + 0.005%FS
  • Data logging with Real-time Graphical Trending
  • Supports Hydrostatic Testing
  • Color Touchscreen Display
  • Built-in Barometer
  • Optional RTD Probes Available
  • Bluetooth and USB Communication
  • Communicates with Additel's Link Mobile App
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The Additel ADT260EX-CP has the same features as the ADT260EX but instead of measuring in gauge pressure ranges it measures in compound pressure ranges. 

Functional Features
RTD Measurement2, 3, or 4 wire (user selectable). Unit measurement as °C, °F, K or ohms.
FilteringAverage sliding filter (sample 1 ~ 50) First-order linear filter (coefficient: 0.01 ~ 1)
SwitchThe measurement value will be automatically displayed at the moment the switch changes state. The latest 8 state changes will be stored in the memory.
Pressure TareTare value is set through the user interface
Pressure Stability IndicatorStability time and criteria is selectable
Power ManagementBacklight auto off, Auto power off


General Specifications

Input Channels
Top: 2 channels RTD measurement, 1 channel electric signal measurement, φ4mm banana jacks
Right side: 2 channels for external digital pressure module, LEMO style connection
Bottom: embedded digital pressure module (model ADT158Ex), field switchable.
Internal: 1 embedded atmospheric pressure sensor
Barometric Accuracy±55 Pa

Measurement Rate
mV, V, mA & frequency and RTD: 3 times/ sec
Pressure module: 1~10 times/sec selectable (3 as default)
Barometer: 1 time/sec
Data StorageLogging interval: from 0.1~9999 seconds, log up to 10 million readings (single channel)
Power4000mAh, 14.4Wh explosion-proof intelligent lithium battery, charging time is 6~8 hours, the battery can be charged independently, typical working time 100 hours (measurement mode)

Guaranteed temperature range of technical specifications: (-10 ~ 50)°C
Operating temperature: (-20 ~ 50)°C
Storage temperature range: (-20 ~ 70)°C
Humidity: 0% to 95% RH, non-condensing.
Altitude: 3000 meters
Warm-up Time10 min to fully meet technical specifications
Port Protection Voltage30V max

Explosion-proof Grade
ATEX & IECEX: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (Ta = -20°C to +50°C)

Class I, Division 1, Group A,B,C and D, T4
Class I, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC T4 Ga 
Ta = -20°Cto + 50°C Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
CE CertificationTUV IEC61326, IEC61010
RoHS ComplianceRoHS II Directive 2011/65/EU, EN50581:2012
Protection LevelIP67, 1 meter drop test
CommunicationIsolate USB-Type C (slave), Bluetooth
Display4.4-inch color display capacitive screen, transflective, with LED backlight
Size6.97" x 4.13" x 2.04" (177 mm x 105 mm x 52 mm) which doesn't include the bottom mount ADT158Ex if installed.
Weight1.65 lb (0.75 kg)
Warranty Time1 year


Electrical Specifications
RTD Measurement Accuracy0~400Ω0.01%RDG+0.005%FS [1]1mΩExcitation current: 1 mA
Voltage Measurement±300mV0.015%RDG + 0.005%FS1uVImpedance: >100MΩ
±30V0.015%RDG + 0.005%FS0.1mVImpedance: >1MΩ
Current Measurement±30mA0.015%RDG + 0.005%FS0.1uAImpedance: < 40Ω

Frequency Measurement
0.01~50000Hz (auto range)0.005% RDG + 2 last digit6-digit auto-resolutionMin threshold voltage: 2.5V
Units: Hz, kHz, MHz, CPM, CPH, s, ms, us
Switch On-Off MeasurementInspection voltage: (3 ~ 30)V
Response speed: < 10ms, supports wet and dry switch
Pulse Count0 ~ 9999999, optional rising edge and falling edge
Min threshold voltage: 2.5V
Loop Power20V ± 10%, max output impedance: 320Ω, max load current: 25mA
Note [1]: Accuracy applies to 4-wire probes. For 3-wire probes add 10mΩ, for 2-wire probes add 50mΩ


Pressure Technical Specifications
Pressure resolution4, 5, or 6 digit resolution (user selectable)
Temperature Compensation-10°C~50 °C

Pressure Module Type
Built-in digital pressure module: ADT158Ex, for more detailed information, please see ADT 158Ex datasheet. External digital pressure module: ADT161Ex, for more detailed information, please see ADT 161Ex datasheet.
SpecificationsRefer to the technical specification of the ADT158Ex and ADT161Ex
High Static Pressure and Differential Pressure Synthesis IndexTwo modules must be with the same range; Typical Differential pressure accuracy of 0.002%FS or 0.02%RD, whichever is greater when using two 0.02%FS external modules. Typical Differential pressure accuracy of 0.002%FS or 0.05%RD, whichever is greater when using two 0.05%FS external modules.


Compound Pressure
P/NPressure RangeMediaAccuracyPressure Rating
psibarBurstOver Pressure
CP2±2±0.16G0.05% FS3x1.2x
CP5±5±0.35G0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP10±10±0.7G0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP15±15±1.0G0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP30-15 to 30-1 to 2.0G0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP50-15 to 50-1 to 3.5G0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP100-15 to 100-1 to 7.0G,L0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP300-15 to 300-1 to 20G,L0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP500-15 to 500-1 to 35G,L0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP600-15 to 600-1 to 40G,L0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP1K-15 to 1,000-1 to 70G,L0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP2K-15 to 2,000-1 to 140G,L0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP3K-15 to 3,000-1 to 200G,L0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP5K-15 to 5,000-1 to 350G,L0.02% FS3x1.2x
CP10K-15 to 10,000-1 to 700G,L0.02% FS2x1.2x
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