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GE Druck DPI 603 Portable Pressure Calibrator

Our Price: Discontinued...See Fluke 718 as an alternative
Item Number: DPI 603
Manufacturer: Druck (GE)
Part Number: DPI 603
Druck DPI 603

GE Druck DPI 603 Portable Pressure Calibrator

    The DPI 603, which extends the Druck range of rugged portable battery powered pressure calibrators, with standard ranges of -14.7 to +15 psi, 30 psi, 100 psi or 300 psi gauge and an accuracy of +/-0.075% F.S.

Designed for use in remote locations where AC power is not available, the DPI 603 enables pressure instrumentation to be serviced and calibrated.

The instrument features the capability to generate pneumatic test pressures with an integral hand-pump up to 300 psi.  A volume adjuster provides fine control of the desired test value and a venting valve enables pressure release without disconnection of the device under test.

An optional pressure/vacuum switching facility can also be provided, which enables the hand-pump to source vacuum down to -22' Hg or pressure up to 300 psig.

To facilitate pressure transmitter testing and calibration a 24VDC power supply is provided and the ability to monitor the current loop from 0 to +/-55 mADC. For loop verification, the DPI 603 can also output a single 12mA test value, or provide a passive sink if required.  The clear LCD allows readout of pressure, voltage and current parameters with the ability to show current or voltage simultaneously with pressure.

Technical Specifications:



Pressure Measurement Specification:

Operating Pressure Ranges:

Standard Full Scale Ranges can be Specified
of -14.7 psig to: +15 psi, +30 psi, 100 psi,
or 300 psi Gauge


The Rated Pressure can be Exceeded by 2X
Causing Negligible Calibration Change,
Subject to a Maximum Safe Working
Pressure of 350 psi.

Pressure Media:

Fluids Compatible with 316 Stainless Steel,
Hastelloy C276, Nylon, Viton and Brass.


Combined Non-Linearity, Hysteresis and
Repeatability +/-0.075% F.S. for Positive or
Negative Pressures +/-1 Digit.

Temperature Effects:

Over 32 to 105 , the Averaged Span Temperature
Coefficient will not Exceed 0.007% of Reading/ F

Digital Indicator:

Readout & Display:

+/-99999 Capability, 0.54 LCD Digits with
Additional 16 Text Characters.

Pressure Scale Units:

24 Scale Units are Provided: psi, lb/ft2, inHg,
inH2O, (40 and 68 F) torr, atm, Pa, kPa, MPa,
hPa, mbar, bar, kg/cm2, kg/in2, mmHg, cmHg.
mHg, mmH2O, cmH2O, mH2O, Special, 2 Units
are Presented on the Display.

Display Overload:

Instruments are Capable of Nominal 120% F. S.
Above this, an Overrange Error Code is Displayed.


+/-0.005% F.S. Maximum


Nominal Rate of Three Readings per
Second on the Digital Display.

Zero Control:

Offset Correction for Pressure and Electrical
Scales by Key-Press, Protected Against Accidental Use.

Calibration Control:

Front Panel Key-Pad Calibration Controls for
Pressure and Electrical Ranges.

Position Effect:

Position Effect

Electrical Specifications:

Electrical Inputs:

Voltage Measurement:
   Temperature Coefficient:

+/-0.15% of Reading +/-0.02 % F.S.
+/-0.006% Reading/ F

Current Measurement:
   Temperature Coefficient:

+/-0.075% of Reading +/-0.005 % F.S.
+/-0.006% Reading/ F

Electrical Outputs:

Voltage Output:

24V Nominal, Floating, 25mA Maximum

Current Output:

Current Output: Loop Check Fixed
12mA Nominal, Source or Sink.

Power Supply:

Battery Powered 4 x 1.5V Zinc Carbon "D" Cells,
50 Hours Nominal Continuous Operation with
No Load on Output Terminals. Battery Low
Condition Indicated by Display Symbol.

Optional Rechargeable Batteries and
External Power Adaptor/Charger Unit Available.

Environmental Specification:


Operating: 15 to 120 F
Calibrated: 32 to 105 F
Storage: -5 to +140 F


Sealed to NEMA 4


lEC 1010
EMC Immunity to lEC 801-804
Certification: CE Marked

Physical Specification:


9 lbs.


12.6" x 7.7" x 5.0" Nominal

Pressure Connection:

1/8" NPT Female

Carrying Case:

Supplied with the Instrument as Standard
and Includes a Complete Set of Accessories.


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