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Ashcroft PT Dual Display LCD Digital Pressure Indicator

Our Price: $1,177.75
Item Number: PT
Manufacturer: Ashcroft
Part Number: PT

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Ashcroft PT Dual Display LCD Digital Pressure Indicator
Ashcroft PT Dual Display LCD Digital Pressure Indicator
Ashcroft Pressure Tester (PT) digital indicators combine the latest in microprocessor and pressure sensor technology to provide an unmatched combination of available ranges, reliability, functionality, performance and ease of use. PT indicators are ideal for use in test stands, as in-field calibration and test standards and for general metrology lab activity.

This all new digital indicator is available in ranges from 0.25 inches of water through 10,000 psi. There are 56 standard pressure ranges available. With the availability of gauge, absolute, compound and differential pressure types, as well as vacuum, and the availability of many ranges in both isolated and non-isolated configurations, 121 sensor configurations are available. Each of these sensor configurations is available in either of two standard levels of accuracy. All the ranges listed in the accompanying psi and inches of water range tables are available in accuracies of +0.25%, +0.1% and 0.05% of span.

And, if all this capability isn’t enough, a single PT instrument can display measurement data from one or, optionally, two installed pressure or temperature sensing modules, simultaneously. All Ashcroft PT instruments include user selectable engineering units, min/max recall, tare, programmable damping, display hold, an operator-configurable RS232 interface and a push-to-print function for use with the RS232 interface.

The RS232 interface provides access to all operating parameters. The instrument set-up can be configured either through the front panel keypad or reviewed and modified over the RS232 interface. The RS232 interface also provides access to built-in firmware allowing in-field calibration of the Ashcroft PT instrument. Ashcroft PT options include the addition of a second pressure range, back lighting of the display, special calibration to eliminate temperature error and built-in rechargeable batteries.

Each PT indicator can be supplied with either 1 or, optionally, 2 pressure sensors. Any combination of ranges and pressure types can be specified. Pressure fittings are located on the rear panel of the PT indicator. A 9-pin D-type connector provides access to the standard full function RS232 interface. The standard 9 Vdc input jack is also located on the rear of the indicator.

  • Push-button zero adjust
  • Max/min memory
  • Selectable engineering units
  • Variable damping
  • Tare
  • Port select
  • Push-to-print
  • RS232 I/O
  • High static DP capability
 Optional Features
  • Backlit display
  • Rechargeable battery pack

Ashcroft PT instruments with two installed pressure modules can provide simultaneous display of two pressure measurement values in independent engineering units selected from the onboard engineering unit library. This capability provides maximum user flexibility to configure the Ashcroft PT indicator in accordance with the requirements of any given pressure measurement application. In addition, dual sensor PT instruments provide the ability to sum the total of the dual measurement values as well as perform a two-sensor differential pressure measurement. This dual sensor differential measurement ability allows the Ashcroft PT indicator to be used for a wide range of differential pressure measurement activities . . . previously not feasible with a small, lightweight measurement device.

Modular construction provides ease of access to the installed sensor assemblies. Sensor assemblies can be changed quickly and easily, allowing for quick change of the pressure measurement range. Calibration data is stored in an electrically erasable, programmable read only memory chip (EEPROM) located in the pressure sensor assembly. Because of this feature, measurement assemblies can be used in any PT instrument without compromising the measurement accuracy. Change of the pressure sensor assembly can be accomplished in minutes using common hand tools.

Every Ashcroft PT instrument is supplied with N.I.S.T. traceable calibration certificates for the installed pressure sensing assemblies. In addition, pressure sensing assemblies purchased independently from a PT instrument are also provided with a N.I.S.T. traceable certification.

The PT indicator has been designed to support test stand, calibration laboratory and in-field calibration requirements. It truly is the most versatile pressure measurement device of this type available today.
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