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Amprobe DM-II Pro True RMS Power Recorder and Analyzer

Amprobe DM-II Pro Power Quality Recorder

Our Price: Unit Discontinued. Call (732) 632-6400 for Replacement Options
Item Number: DM-II-PRO
Manufacturer: Amprobe
Part Number: DM-II-PRO

Amprobe DM-II Pro Power Recorder

The Amprobe DM-II Pro is a True RMS AC Data Logger/Recorder in a stand alone configuration. Data can be viewed in the field via its large self-contained backlit LCD Display or can be accessed and downloaded to a personal computer. In addition to AC Current and Voltage, all power related variables can be recorded. Power Demand can also be recorder and presented in popular software packages.


  • Single or Three Phase Capable
  • AC Voltage 5 to 600 Volts (3 Channels)
  • AC Current to 1000 Amperes (4 Channels)
  • Graphic Display 160 x 160 pixel with Backlite
  • All Readings are True RMS
  • Power Measurements Include Watts, VA, Vars, pF
  • Energy Measurements include: KW-HR, Demand/Non Demand
  • User Selectable Recording Rates
  • DM-ll View Software Allows Downloading to a PC
  • Line Operated (120V/60Hz & 240V/50Hz)
  • Battery Backup Protects Memory During Power Loss
  • Auto Ranging
  • Real Time Clock
  • Multi Languages:
  • Rugged ABS Plastic Weather Resistant Case

Typical DM-II PRO LCD Screens:



Technical Specifications:

Inputs: Voltage -5 to 600 VRMS (V1, V2, V3 and COM).
The (4) 10 Amp 6' Test Leads are Flexible Straight
Sheath Banana Plugs to Alligator Clips with 1" Jaw
Opening and are Rated at 1000 V/10A Max
Current - Four Current Channels (I1,I2,I3,I4)
DM-CT: 1 to1000A +/-1% of Reading (Four Supplied)
ACF-3000: 30A to 3000A +/-1% of Full Scale (Optional)
Accuracy: Voltage Measurements +/-1% of Reading +3 LSDs
Current Measurements +/-1% of Reading +3 LSDs
Measurement Selections: True RMS Voltage and Current, RMS Max,
RMS Min RMS Avg, Peak Max
Power Capabilities: Real Power P (Watts), Apparent Volt-Amperes S (VA),
Reactive Volt Amperes Q (VAR), True Power Factor (tPF)
Energy Measurement: Kilowatt Hours (KWH), Demand (KW)
Thresholds: User Selectable High/Low Limits Voltage and Current
Recording Modes: User Selectable Normal and Loop (Wrap Around) Modes.
Recording Rates: User Selectable Rates of 1 Sec, 5 Sec, 15 sec, 30 Sec,
1 Min, 5 Min, 15 Min, 30 Min.
Recording Intervals for Demand (KW) are 15 Min and 30 Min
Memory: Total of 600K RAM Memory (Battery Backup)
Real Time Clock: User Programmable, Displays in 12/24 Hour Formats
and HH:MM:SS Day Month Year, Daylight Savings
Accuracy +/-1 Min per Month.
System Configuration: Four Presorted Setup Configurations for
1 Phase and 3 Phase Systems:
1 Phase 2W, 1 Phase 3W,
3 Phase 3W Straight Delta, and 3 Phase 4W Wye.
Note: All Parameters of a Phase Configuration can be Recorded
PC Interface: Optically Isolated RS-232 Serial Interface
Software: DM-II View Windows Software for Display,
Analysis, and Report Generation.
User Selectable Baud Rates of 9600, 19200 and 38400 Baud
Power Requirements: AC Line Voltage with Battery Backup Operation.
The Dual Color LED Indicates the Unit's Power Source
Green Indicates AC Power and Red for Battery Backup Power
6 Alkaline "D" Cells, 21 Hour Life w/o Backlight (Not Supplied)
Designed to Meet: UL3111-1, CE (LVD/EMC/EMI)
Sample Rate: 130 Micro Sec. (7.68 KHz) 128 Samples per
Cycle per Channel, Total of 8 Channels).
Case: Material: Injection Molded Flame Retardant ABS Plastic
Rugged, Water-Resistant, and Corrosion Proof
Case Dimensions: 17.5" x 11.6" x 7.5", 16 lbs Total
Battery: 6 Alkaline "D" Cells (Not Supplied)
Operation Temp. Range: 32 to 122 F, RH<85%
Storage Temp. Range: -4 to 140 F , RH<90%

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